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BBIS sailing course for kids & teens: 21 sessions

Please only book this course if you or your kids are member of the BBIS.
In this course your learn how set and take-in the sail, knots, take-off and berthing, waiting position, speed control, stop by shooting up head to wind, heave to, navigating and sailing in different courses with the correct position of the sail, sailing upwind min. 300 m, min two tacks and two jibes.
The aim of the course is to be able to perform the above maneuvers comfortably. That includes
the ability to safely return to the starting point in normal wind and wave conditions.

This course is for kids & teens: Beginners and advanced beginners Beginners Advances beginners

Range of course: 16 practical sessions + 5 theoretical sessions once a week on every Monday (Mo.) or Tuesday (Di.).


24. April 17: 15:00
7. August 17: 19:00


Wassersportcenter Berlin Wannsee
Wannseebadweg 25
Berlin, 14129 Deutschland
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